Connection Workshops

- Deeper Connections - Empowerment - Freedom - Joy - Pleasure - Nourishment -

  - Authentic Relating - Primal Play - Conscious Touch - Voice Liberation - Tao Tantra -

Welcome to Flowering Intimacy

I facilitate spaces for deeper connections, empowerment & freedom. Let’s slow down, and practice with each other to go beyond our patterns, to become more vulnerable, to become more authentic, to open the heart, free the voice, awaken sensuality. In a supportive and welcoming space.  So you can experience pure aliveness, profound intimacy and greater pleasure in life. To be fully you, to blossom into fullness


Let us blossom into fullness, united and true,

Honoring ourselves and others, in all that we do.

Unveiling our authentic selves, leaving no part in the dark.

All of you is welcome, in this journey we embark,

May we blossom into fullness, for together we light up each other's hearts


„Stefanie’s workshop was a very beautiful, rich and fulfilling experience. I’ve longed for a supported women’s circle for some time, in which all layers could be released and we could connect authentically.

This day was just that, and more! The cared for structure of the day contributed to relaxing in being together, and getting in touch with my own body and feelings. It was obvious that Stefanie’s carrying capacity was great, and that everything was allowed to be there.

The day gave me the feeling of coming home to a safe women’s bed, of recognition and softness. And from there, movement, pleasure and sensuality could also flow through. Very nice to be there!.“



“What I immediately noticed at the beginning of this workshop, is that it is okay to first take a moment for myself and I really want to implement that in my daily life. That’s what I’m experiencing now, like a clarity of how that works. And certainly for me that is something essential, and by doing that together today, I now dare to allow myself to do that from now on. Suddenly I understand what it is to stay close to myself. This is wat that is like, I have experienced it here today. And what I also take with me is the softening towards female connections.
Stefanie knows very quickly to touch upon the essence, and her free way of being makes me feel very free too. Safe is how I feel right now and that is for me quite special”.



Stefanie creates so quick such a safe space and it is beautiful to observe because a lot of women that don’t know each other, they are into comparing and competing with each other and they just came from the outside world that is so stressful. And Stefanie in such a beautiful way brings us to our self to be just truly ourselves. I think this is amazing work, and I think it is so because she is true with herself what she is doing and how she is comfortable with herself and so we easy reflect this. True to what she has inside, in an embodied way, so then it makes it easier for us to be impacted by this and to recognize our own truth.

She is herself, she is true, she is truth, everybody wants truth, that is it, that is how I see it.

What I got out of this workshop:  I saw all parts of me in all women, and it is amazing this feeling, so we are not different, we are really another we, so you are another me and I mostly feel this, there is no difference between us, we have the same struggle, the same strength, the same desires, and when I allow this to enter deeply in my conscious, all women around me start to be not enemy-like anymore but relaxation starts to happen between me and women, so this gives peace, and I miss this in the world, just peace and relaxation, especially now“.