I started to love myself

Welcome Beautiful Being!

So wonderful you are here.

My name is Stefanie

For years I went through depression, held back my voice, suppressed emotions, confused being intimate with being sexual. I felt very disconnected from myself, life and others. And i felt very alone.

I have found ways to transform and reconnect with life, love, joy and happiness in empowering, profound, fun and inspiring ways. I discovered the medicine of Sisterhood, Authentic Relating, Conscious Touch, Tantra, Dance and Singing in connection.

All this I am weaving into the flowering intimacy workshops. 

Flowering Intimacy blossomed from a longing for authentic connection, creating spaces for people to explore intimacy through dance, touch, sound, and authentic relating. It became a path of personal and collective growth, like to the unfolding of a flower. Embracing personal and collective flourishing.

This is a call to embrace our inherent capacity to love and be loved. An invitation to let go of the masks we wear, to dance with authenticity, and to bask in the beauty of human connection.

 I am pure, present and playful in my guidance. Be welcome.



Blossom into Fullness by welcoming all of you

Unveil your essence, let your authenticity shine through

Embrace each facet, every shade, light or dark

For it is in self-acceptance, you ignite your own spark


„The course with Stefanie was incredible…she creates such a loving and safe space. I felt seen and very connected to myself and others during the course. I love Stefanie’s energy…her playfulness, authenticity and lovingness. She made me feel so welcome with all that I am.“

- Anika -